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Jane Doe
Some street 123
Name of State

Phone: 123 456 789
Fax: 123 456 789 - 11
Email: jane@some.com


This subpage includes the great JQuery plugin Formalize by Nathan Smith. Visit the website to find out what it does and see the demos! You don´t have to use a table as shown here (this is just an example), you can build your form without tables, too. Inspect the CSS to utilize the classes that fit your needs.
Comment or delete the section "Forms" in inuit.css when you make use of Formalize so the styles won´t interfere.

Note: This is just a demo for contact form styles and behaviour. It doesn't actually submit anything. To make it work, you will have to include a fitting script.



(You can of course create your own CSS to style the tables for forms and hide the borders, for example, like shown here.)